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MOBOT is your multi-purpose personal mobility tool and will equip you with a range of health, fitness and wellness benefits.


The MOBOT Foam Roller (aka Myofascial Release Tool), is what everyBODY needs, it can also be filled with water and used in place of dumbbells for at-home weight training or as a movement prop, like a yoga block, which won't collect dust (trust us!).

Without hydration, your body cannot heal and recover so drink up, and most importantly your investment in a reusable water bottle helps save the planet from single-use plastic... thank you for doing your part.

So you can make the most out of your wellness companion, we are excited to debut the HOW TO MOBOT Guide, where you can discover all of your foam-rolling basics, recovery techniques, exercise examples and workout tips! 

We are excited to share our knowledge with you and be a part of your journey. Download the guide through the link below & let's roll!



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