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Meet Amber

Helpful | Hopeful | Happy
Hi there !! I am a dancer, model, and actress based in Los Angeles. Being a dancer really allows me to express myself in different ways. Each time i am in a dance class or creating my own movement I am discovering new parts of myself. Inspiring others to break free through dance is what I am most passionate about. No matter what age or stage of life you are in dancing can always be the key to unlocking new parts of who you are. Not only is being a dancer a great workout but it helps you to stay in alignment so that you can move forward in your day with confidence to achieve every task at hand.
Your favorite MOBOT: 27oz Blush Grace
Your Favorite MOBOT move?
My favorite mobot move is when I am rolling out my calves. Sitting, with hands on the floor, lifting my body weight a few inches off of the floor and rolling each leg one by one. This particular mobot move really gives you the ability to roll out different angles of your calf muscle
When did you start foam rolling?

Foam rolling began for me around the age of 14. When I started to train as a professional ballerina at the Baltimore school for the arts. I began Having 4+ hours of ballet training each day. Foam rolling became vital to maintain healthy muscles and minimize injuries 

  How has MOBOT helped you?
Mobot has genuinely helped me in so many ways...

To stay hydrated! The amount of water intake since receiving my mobot has skyrocketed. My body is always ready for a workout.

Staying Motivated! Mobot keeps me motivated knowing that my body will always have a source of recovery through my foam roller.

Staying Healthy! Getting all of the kinks out of my muscles. Using the mobot foam roller reduces future injuries.
Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
START NOW! Stay consistent! It may hurt a little bit but foam rolling is a stress reliever for your muscles! Your body will thank you later!
Taking care of your mind and body is so important. MOBOT makes self-care easy!

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