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Meet Brookie

Dedicated | Loving | Caring
Taking control of my wellness (mind, body & soul) has allowed me to discover my inner champion. I pray I can do the same for others. Change starts from within. You can not serve others without investing in yourself.
Your favorite MOBOT: 18oz Firecracker- Blue Steel
Your Favorite MOBOT move?
Rolling out my glutes & legs!
When did you start foam rolling?

I started foam rolling 5 years ago when I made an agreement to prioritize my mental & physical health.  

  How has MOBOT helped you?
Drinking water & foam rolling are mandatory daily habits for me. MOBOT has combined them into one, which makes EVERYTHING easier. Easy accessibility, simpler travel...happier Brookie! ;)
Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
Foam rolling is crucial in injury prevention- your mind & body will love you for it!  Don’t neglect giving your body the recovery it deserves.
Do more things in life that make you FEEL GOOD! Take the time to invest in yourself so you can better serve others. <3

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