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Meet Danni

Energetic | Funny | FriendMaker


G’day Guys!! My name is Danni and I’m originally from Australia currently living in Los Angeles after 6.5 years in the best city in the world - NYC. I have an adorable Cavapoo name Prince who is my life.


Who am I? A whirlwind of energy, light and love who loves to leave people feeling happy. If I can get a laugh even better.


What moves me? I’m always moving hahah But emotionally and spiritually I am moved by resilient people. Those who don’t give up and make the choice to make a difference either in their own lives or the lives of others.


Your favorite MOBOT: Big Bertha 40oz Licorice


Your favorite MOBOT move?
After sitting at a desk all day, rolling my mid back and hearing that oh so needed crack makes my day


When did you start foam rolling?
 5 years ago when I started seriously weight training


  How has MOBOT helped you?
I travel a lot and sit at a desk full time - my mobot is attached to my hand. It reminds me to foam roll! Great for airport lounges and also as a conversation starter :)


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
START SLOW. Focus on one area and don’t rush. I see way too many people doing it wrong.


I honestly LOVE my Mobot. It reminds me to foam roll and tracking my water intake goals is way easier! 3 refills a day :)

Danni Bodz Roll Model

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