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Meet Mark

Inquisitive | Plant-Based | Calculated


Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to learn about our brand and meet the team pushing for a better tomorrow! We are a group of eco-conscious individuals looking to change the world we live in by offering you the customer a better choice in your fitness retail experience.


As for who I am - an individual who has come to understand that each day is a learning experience and that we are the arbiters of our own future (thanks to my amazing Fiance). I have a professional background in Management Consulting and personal values which include fitness and adopting a plant-based lifestyle. This organization speaks to my ethos. We should be caring for our only two true homes: our bodies and our planet.


I am obsessed with the value to be realized from our core mission of making fitness part of more people’s lives. Understanding that we can only continue to partner with our customers if we provide you with value, I will aim to provide you with products you can lean on each and every day. I am eager to have you join our community of roll models, where you will become part of the movement correcting retail’s impact on the planet.


Your favorite MOBOT:
When at home, hiking, or in the gym I love my original Special Ops Big Bertha! For those weeks where I am traveling and living out of my suitcase, Grace always makes its way into my luggage.


Your favorite MOBOT move?
My hamstrings and neck give me the most amount of trouble, so I try to roll out both areas on a daily basis to prevent tightness and manage pain.


When did you start foam rolling?
Shortly after college when I entered the field of Management Consulting. Spending the majority of my days in front of a laptop and flying on a weekly basis led me to incur a large amount of stiffness while continuing to drive my fitness goals forward.


  How has MOBOT helped you?
MOBOT has provided me with something so unique which I may never find elsewhere - a true sense of purpose in the working world - an organization focused on offering sustainable and innovative solutions to aid the world on it’s road to recovery Our products have provided me with a daily reminder to be mindful on my fitness journey. No matter how hectic the day I am constantly reminded to drink water, to roll out and to workout.


Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
Tough it out! The 15-30 seconds of discomfort is worth the hours of relief to be realized shortly thereafter.


Get out and have fun! Life is too short to spend time scrolling when we should be moving and realizing potential.

Mark Roll Model

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