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Meet Tashe

Fierce | Direct | Understanding
I am a Figure Skater and Personal Trainer.  Everything I do, I believe in challenging your body to reach new heights.  I believe in thinking differently. I believe in building foundation.  I believe in dynamic movement. I believe in the way I will challenge your body. by training you to move in a beautifully designed simple way. I love what I do. I love that I impact lives to create change. Change that develops health, confidence, and happiness.
Your favorite MOBOT:
Your Favorite MOBOT move?
Rollin the calves, it’s the best calf release I have ever been able to achieve!
When did you start foam rolling?

I started foam rolling when I was competing as a figure skater in 2006. I learned a foam roll when I went to Pilates to help my muscles recover faster.

  How has MOBOT helped you?
MOBOT has connected me with so many wonderful and amazing creative people in my industry and outside of it. Lani, Ryan P, and everyone from MOBOT has shown me so much love and support during the Civil Rights Movement in support of the Black Community. I feel so blessed to be supported by a company that truly embodies being “made for this!” MOBOT is a company that has always been inclusive before it was noticed or supported by the rest of the world. MOBOT has made me feel more welcome than any fitness company I’ve ever been apart of.
Your advice to anyone new to foam rolling?
Start slow for 5-10 min and with a few simple easy to do foam rolling positions adding on as you get more comfortable with it.

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